We Make Dental Visits Easy for Your Kids!

Our team will put your kids at ease to enjoy their visits to our office. We provide the latest techniques in treatments and administer them Children's Dentistry child-family for Sachar Dentalwith understanding and gentle care. We also teach children how to take care of their teeth to instill good dental hygiene that will help them keep their natural teeth for a lifetime. We start our care for them at age 7 and continue to provide for their dental needs each year thereafter, as we see them grow and change.

We want all generations of children to not develop any fear of dental treatments. We make our office a happy and friendly place to visit that puts children at ease. We have helped children who are afraid to feel calm and those who are active to enjoy their visits. We can help your child have a positive attitude toward visits to the dentist as well!

A Dentist Helps Keep Your Children Healthy

Children’s teeth are especially prone to cavities during their formative years. There are reasons for this susceptibility. Often, they do not brush Children's Dentistry kids-dental-care for Sachar Dentalproperly, which eventually allows the acids in the mouth to form plaque on the surfaces of teeth. Every time food is consumed, acids are produced in the mouth. As kids eat throughout the day, their teeth are continually being exposed to these acids. When teeth are not cleaned as they need to be on a daily basis, the build-up of plaque can result in hardened tartar that leads to decay.

We recommend improved daily dental care and better choices in diet. One application of a dental sealant will also greatly help to reduce the chances of cavity development.

A Very Effective Treatment Against Decay

As children often do not brush thoroughly on a daily basis, acids and bacteria are allowed to form on teeth. As plaque and tartar form, cavities will develop. Any amount of decay means permanent damage to a tooth and will require a restoration.

We provide our young patients a very effective preventive treatment of a mineralizing dental sealant. Here is the how easy the procedure is:

The teeth are first cleaned and then sterilized. One thin application of the sealant is painted on the teeth. It is not visible as it is clear or white. With a curing light, the dentist bonds the sealant to the surface of teeth. And that is it! This treatment takes just minutes and does not require a shot or any drilling or tooth removal. It is one of the most effective treatments in preventing decay and helping children and adolescents preserve their permanent teeth.

Your entire family deserves a healthy smile! Give us a call today at (212) 752-1163 to schedule a visit for everyone.