Adult Dentistry – Regular Professional Cleanings for Good Health

Manhattan Adult Dentistry teeth cleaning by Schar Dental

If you’re in need of Manhattan Adult Dentistry – Dr. Sachar and Sachar Dental are here to help. Even those who meticulously brush and floss each day can miss certain areas in back teeth that will allow plaque to form and harden into tartar. It is important to have all teeth clean, and we recommend regular cleanings by our hygienist. Tartar can gather at and below the gumline, which can lead to gum infections. This problem has now been linked to serious health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Please take our advice seriously to stay healthy!

Having the Answers You Need

You would like more information about a procedure, but you simply don’t know what to ask. We provide the CAESY™ program, which covers every type of procedure with comprehensive information to help you understand. No matter if your question is about your child’s first visit or dentures for a grandparent, this educational program will provide you with the knowledge of every treatment and concern. CAESY adult education is an essential education point for Manhattan Adult Dentistry

Healthy Gums for Your Best Oral Health

Gum disease is a serious problem that can affect more than your smile. Medical studies have connected this problem to be a part of developing other health conditions that are life-threatening. Gum disease needs to be addressed in the earliest stages, as we have methods of halting the problem with nonsurgical means. We are committed to providing dental care that will help to maintain your overall health and vitality as well as have outstanding oral health to keep you smiling.

Root Canal Therapy Instead of Extraction

It is now known that saving a tooth instead of extracting it will prevent other oral health problems in the future. Our doctors are experienced in the latest advancements of root canal treatment. No longer do patients fret about this procedure, as modern anesthetics and therapy make it easier and very manageable.

The interior pulp of the tooth is removed and replaced with a special material that allows the tooth to stay intact. It is different from the material used for a basic filling. If needed, a crown may be placed over the tooth to give it additional strength. These procedures will save the tooth from being extracted and give it full capabilities for chewing.

Our Specific Care for Seniors


People’s teeth shown signs of age, just like our overall appearance. We focus in on seniors’ specific needs, such as checking fillings that may have loosened and need to be replaced before decay sets in. We look for any fractures in teeth before roots become damaged. We Manhattan Adult Dentistry for seniors dental care for Sachar Dentalwatch for any areas of infected gums that can lead to tooth loss. And we ask about the condition of dry mouth resulting from certain medications. We have remedies for these problems before they become big problems that require more treatment and care.

Most people will agree, having white teeth makes you feel good about your smile. Our doctors provide teeth whitening treatments that will remove the stains and darkness from caffeine, tobacco, and certain foods.

We emphasize how important it is to contact our office immediately if your gums start to bleed or a tooth becomes loose.

Screenings for Oral Cancer

Most people are not aware of the statistic that one American dies every hour from oral cancer. We provide a quick and easy oral cancer screening that can detect any abnormalities in your mouth that need further examination. At every check-up or cleaning, if our doctor or hygienist sees any cause for concern, you will be referred to an oral surgeon. The good news is with early treatment, there is a 90% cure rate!

Fillings to Suit Your Needs

Manhattan Adult Dentistry white fillings

We offer both the silver-mercury amalgam fillings and composite resin fillings at our practice. Amalgam restorations are effective and covered by most insurance plans. The more recent advancements in filling materials do not contain any metal, are made to match the shade of your tooth, and give additional strength to the tooth structure. Patients like these natural-looking restorations, as they are not noticeable. They adhere much more tightly to the tooth structure, decreasing the possibility of decay. We are pleased to offer both types of filling material to best suit your needs.

Eliminate the Problem of Bad Breath

Bad breath can be more than a social problem – it is often a sign of gum disease. If you have been suffering from chronic bad breath, we can eliminate the problem with proper diagnosis and treatment. We have added a Fresh Breath Center to utilize the latest advancements and correct treatments to give you fresh breath once again!

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

The best oral health depends on more than the condition of your teeth and gums. Many patients have oral problems due to an improper bite, extensive wearing away of tooth structure, injury or trauma to your mouth, tooth grinding, crooked or missing teeth, periodontitis, or TMJ. As a result, migraines, headaches, and other pain occurs, and bad breath, an unattractive smile, and lack of confidence develop.

You don’t have to live with these problems any longer! Our dentist will discuss these problems and present treatment options that will give you relief from your pain and suffering and give you a healthy smile. We find the best treatment option after observing your digital X-rays, imprints, and photos of your mouth. We also present a plan of phased treatment and financing that make your best smile come true!

Relief from TMJ/TMD with Correct Bite Alignment

Manhattan Adult Dentistry tmj tmd treatment

Suffering from a dental occlusion or improper bite can result in various types of pain. Often people with this disorder have frequent headaches, pain in the shoulder, neck, and jaw joint, and aching or popping jaws when opening or closing the mouth. There are different reasons why the bite does not align properly. Dental disease, trauma or injury to the mouth, or the way permanent teeth grew in are all possible causes of dental occlusion. When your teeth do not come together as they should, tension in the surrounding muscles occurs, leading to chronic pain.

You may have grown accustomed to this condition, but you no longer have to suffer from these problems. We can restore your bite as nature intended. You will be able to have a new quality of life without constant pain and instead, have more vitality to enjoy life and smile more often.

If it’s time for your next cleaning, or if you’re ready to schedule a no cost/no obligation consultation, call us now at (212) 752-1163.