Teeth Implants For The Elderly in NYC: What You Need To Know

Teeth implants for the elderly in NYC

There’s a common myth that dental implants are not effective for older patients. However, the absolute truth is that implants work for the elderly just as well as they do for younger patients. Whether you’re 21 or 91, you can safely and predictably have dental implants placed to improve your quality of life.

 There is no reason for anyone to suffer through their lives with missing teeth.  

Teeth implants for the elderly in NYC

Many seniors begin to lose their teeth as they age. This can cause major limitations on quality of life, facial looks, and social life. For decades, dentures have been used for patients with missing teeth, however, they come with quite a few limitations. Research has shown us that wearing dentures overtime may lead to jaw bone loss. That is why your dentures become loose over time. They do not have the same full foundation they once had. Older patients may lose more bone over time, especially if the tooth has been missing for years.

Implants, on the other hand, are much more highly recommended in comparison to dentures and they are much stronger and last longer than denture or a fixed bridge. Even patients with significant bone loss may still be able to take advantage of implants. Implants have a more natural appearance, do not limit your eating habits, do not need to be removed for cleaning and before bed, and they will not slip or fall off at the wrong moment. They are also healthier for the gums and bone and most patients find implants easier to maintain than dentures. This is one of the deciding factors when considering teeth implants for the elderly in NYC.

Dental implants can be the solution to improve your life and allow you to lead a more active and vital lifestyle. The only requirement for dental implants is a detailed medical and dental review. Patient’s condition is distinctly different among individuals especially in the elderly. This check-up determines if implants are a good solution for you or not.  For more information about teeth implants for the elderly in NYC you can also read our blog How long do dental implants last and how do you care for them?

At Sachar Dental, we’ll consider your long-term goals, the number of missing teeth, the condition of your remaining teeth, your lifestyle and diet before making a decision and deciding whether implants are the right choice for you! Sachar Dental is a cosmetic dentistry, family dentistry, and restorative dentistry practice conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan at 20 East 46th Street Suite 1301 and Fifth Avenue, just a short distance from Grand Central Station, Bryant Park, the Diamond District, and Rockefeller Center. If you want more information about dental implants call us today on 212-752-1163.