Does Invisalign Hurt?

Does Invisalign hurt

Dr. Sandip Sachar and the dental professionals at Sachar Dental want all of our patients to have great smiles so they will look their very best. Some patients who come to us, though, are embarrassed by crooked teeth, teeth that are out of alignment, or gaps between their teeth.

While most teenagers and young adults are accustomed to the idea of wearing braces at some point, many older people don’t want to deal with what they remember their classmates going through with traditional braces.

They may think of “metal tracks,” rubber bands, and uncomfortable nighttime headgear, or they might worry about all the food limitations. Some of their friends were constantly going to the orthodontist for adjustments and repairs, and they simply don’t have time for all of that in their busy adult lives.

Fortunately, the dental professionals here at Sachar Dental offer a modern solution to the age-old problem of crooked teeth – Invisalign Clear Aligners. These clear orthodontics are barely noticeable, and can help to correct a variety of dental problems in as little as 9-15 months.


So, does Invisalign Hurt?

When considering the possibility of wearing invisible braces, the first question most patients ask is, does Invisalign hurt? When constructed properly and managed correctly by attentive dental professionals, there should be surprisingly little pain or discomfort. We are working to rearrange the location of the teeth in your mouth, but most patients report that it is more a feeling of pressure than pain. Of course, it will be much less than having metal retainers cutting into your gums and rubber bands breaking in your mouth!

Invisalign are created especially for your teeth, gum and mouth structure so they don’t wobble around and create irritation. As your teeth gradually move into the desired position, a new set of Invisalign aligners are created using 3-D computerized imaging to match the current shape of your mouth. Again, you might feel a slight sense of discomfort as you adjust to your new aligners, but this also means you are one step closer to your goal!

If you do experience any problems with your Invisalign aligners, you should contact our office immediately, but most patients can go one to two months between appointments during the entire process. There is no reason to cover up your smile any longer – Invisalign is the clear solution to crooked teeth and the perfect remedy for adults who want to improve their appearance. When you’re ready for Invisalign, make sure you only get them from a dental provider who has completed the specialized instruction to fit them properly.

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