8 Professional Benefits of a Smile Makeover

Your resume might tally up your experience and education for potential bosses, clients, and colleagues to see, but what matters just as much as your brain in this modern professional world is your appearance. Namely, your smile. You can invest in a new wardrobe, the right accessories, the best personal trainer, and the trendiest stylist, but the reality is this: None of those edits to yourself are going to make as big of an impact as your smile. Even if you’re wearing sweats and a ball cap, you can still look like a CEO with a gorgeous set of white, perfect teeth.

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry reports that nearly 75 percent of Americans think an unattractive smile can tank your career success. Think about it – how appealing will you be to a client or customer if half of your smile is missing, stained, or broken down?

Here are just some of the professional benefits you’ll enjoy from a smile makeover, whether you opt for versatile porcelain veneers, a transformative one-hour in-office teeth whitening, or a year-long course of Invisalign treatment:

1. People will pay attention to you.

See something gross? You can’t look away fast enough, right? If your smile is turning people off, they’re not going to listen when you speak let alone make eye contact. An attractive and aligned smile makes all the difference in getting – and keeping – peoples’ attention. Plus, when you know your smile is attractive, you won’t be shy about speaking up often and making your opinions known.

2. You will appear smarter.

A trendy pair of glasses will certainly aid you in achieving a “professional nerd” or “serious” work look, but what you should really be aiming for is a set of teeth that are perfectly white and straight. A gorgeous smile makes you look more educated and sound smarter, and knowing your smile is stunning gives people the self-assurance to speak clearly, deliberately, and with authority.

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3. Confidence will ooze from your pores.

Big meeting? Important presentation? Major sales pitch? Job interview? You need confidence to succeed professionally, and if you don’t think you look good or you’re self-conscious about your teeth, that vibe will take control. A smile makeover helps renew your confidence so you can knock every major professional goal out of the park.

4. You will look healthy and competent.

Stained, discolored, broken teeth make you look unhealthy. It’s as simple as that. A one-hour teeth whitening on your lunch break can renew you for whatever you have to sell, argue, or promote that afternoon. And the people you’re speaking to will notice your bright appearance and trust in your ability to handle them as well as you handle yourself.

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5. Your teeth will scream “wealth!”

A smile makeover doesn’t have to be costly to produce amazing results. A new smile will supercharge your professional look, whether you’re in an entry-level job and have three roommates or whether you’re the president of your corporation. Career perks will follow.

6. Say hello to the fountain of youth.

The only professional adults who don’t want to look younger are people with baby-face DNA. But when you’ve been out of the working game for a while and are trying to get back in or you need to show others that you’re just as competent as your younger competitors, a smile makeover will give you a look of vitality and accomplishment.

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7. You will look hot.

Who doesn’t want to look good? Who doesn’t want to be attractive? If you’re focused on your career, you know that looks matter. That’s why you put on the makeup and wear the suit. So be prepared to talk the talk through a worthy-looking smile that’s been perked up by porcelain veneers, Lumineers, porcelain crowns, or nearly any cosmetic dentistry procedure.

8. Your powers of persuasion will improve.

Today, business is all about selling something, whether it’s a product, person, service, or company. Your teeth are important tools in your persuasive arsenal, and they will be a delightful accompaniment to a knowing smile or a conspiratorial wink. You won’t be afraid to hold someone’s eye or press your point when your smile is making you look so good in the process.

There are some professions where people can argue that a good smile matters more – modeling, acting, sales – but the reality is that a stunning smile is important in every line of work. While more certificates or degrees certainly don’t hurt your resume, a new smile will truly impact the way you present yourself on a daily basis and the way you interact with others. A smile makeover can change your professional life for the better.

It’s time to make a change and transform yourself and your career. Learn about the cosmetic dentistry solutions that are right for your smile makeover from Dr. Sandip Sachar at Sachar Dental in Midtown Manhattan.